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        Calmar Land - The Land Of Milk and Honey

        Calmar Land has established itself as one of the largest property developers in Calabarzon. The company saw its inception in 1989 and it has never looked back. With more than 20 developments under their belts and an accumulated 25 years of experience in the industry, they aspire to create homes that anyone can call their own. Calmar Land is the one property development company that pays careful attention to the needs of the people who take up residence in their developments or invest in properties in those communities. Prime locations, top-notch features and innovative design are all part of every planned development. Property management practices are geared towards satisfaction of their clients. This is the Calmar approach to after service that shines through brightly. Adaptation is the key to creating communities that cater for the diverse people within the Filipino market.

        The Calmar Land Mission

        • Evolution is something that cannot be avoided. As a company, Calmar Land makes use of innovative design to create communities and homes that cater to the lifestyles of modern family living.
        • Calmar aims to develop homes for Filipino families in all walks of life. The realization that the population is diverse allows them to cater accrodingly for all.
        • Relationships are extremely important to Calmar Land. Every family that the company services or who takes up residence in one of their developments can expect personalized attention and a partnership based on mutual respect and trust.

        The Calmar Land Vision

        Calmar Land strives to be the dominant force in real estate and property development. The are completely aware of the need for shelters and communities that are geared towards improving quality of life for all.

        Core Values of Calmar Land

        • Integrity - Doing the right thing at all costs
        • Excellence - Guaranteed, superior performance
        • Customer Focus - Exceed customer expectations
        • Leadership - Inspire people to make things happen
        • Teamwork - Working together
        • Innovation - Bring new ideas to life
        • Social Responsibility - Improve quality of living for all

        Humble Beginnings

        This company began its humble beginnings with a simply community of sorts which was characterized by quality homes. Located in Lucena City Kanlurang Mayao. This development has become a hive of activity filled with shops and recreational facilities. Calmar Homes, the start of a wonderful future for a company that has grown from strength to strength. This is a development and a company that has stuck to their guns throught the growth process and the pursuit of success. Nothing has changes the fact that the community provides an atmosphere that promotes pleasant, comfortable family living.

        Buy Calmar Land Housr and Lot Properties

        Calmarland Batangas

        Master-planned communites designed to impress. Located in Padre Garcia, Lipa. The progressive city is the perfect location for a modern lifestyle. Whether you choose La Ciudad Real, Neviare or Sorrento, you will be absolutely awe-struck by the environments and facilities made accessible to you.

        La Ciudad Real

        Located in Brgy.Banaba, Pardre Garcia.
        This upscale, themed residential development gets inspiration from modern-day Spanish architecture. Amenities and development features are carefully planned to compliment what the community has to offer. A self-sufficient community. The perfect blend of urban living and suburban environment. Open areas, fresh air, mountain views, trees and greenery. Experience the calm, relaxing country lifestyle amid the urban jungle.

        Enjoy family functions in the club house which has a designated function room. The main entrance gate, guard house and perimeter fence keep your family safe from harm. A swimming pool and baketball court are at your disposal whenever the mood dictates it. Wide concrete roads and sidewalks allow you to comfortably navigate the development on foot or by car. Water, electricity and drainage are professionally designed and installed for your convenience and comfort.


        Located in Brgy. Pinagkawitan, Lipa City.
        Stylish and colorful. Italian-inspired living. Modern homes and open spaces. Modern dwellings for any Filipino to call home. Perfectly situated within reach of every important destination within the city. Experience luxury living, security, comfort and relaxation within the bustling city limits. You piece of paradise away from the humdrum city life. Everything you need a stones throw away.

        Take advantage of the wide open recreational areas available. Run, play and enjoy some fun with your children or simply relax on the lawn with your partner. You can rest in the knowledge that your family is safely protected by the grand entrance gate, guard house and perimeter fencing. The interconnected water distribution system ensures that you will always have fresh, clean running water. Overhead power distribution lines ensure that your lights will always be on. This is truly the place the create your home.

        Calmar Land now offers fully-furnished suites, ready to move in when you are. Low deposits required. Moving in packages are available at no additional fee. Move into your dream home with ease. Affordability is the key to happiness overall.

        Calmarland Laguna

        Escape the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Find your peaceful place in the developments and communites in Pila and the Bay. Your sanctuary, a place to call home.

        Calmar Bay Homes

        Located in Brgy. San Isidro, Bay Laguna.
        The quiet location in Bay, Laguna provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manilla. Unwind in peace after a long day in the place you can call home with a smile of satisfaction.

        Enjoy amenities that are designed to make your home your sanctuary.

        • Pavillion
        • Entrance gate and guard house
        • Perimeter fence
        • Dipping pool for those warm summer day relaxation sessions
        • Gazebo
        • Wide concrete roads and sidewalks
        • Interconnected water distribution system
        • Overhead power distribution lines
        • Underground drainage system

        Istana Lovina

        Located in Brgy. Puypuy, Bay Laguna.
        Wake to the views of Mount Makiling each morning. Revel in the wonders of the warm springs and water that flow into your own personal plunge pool. This is your private paradise, the place you get to call home and the sanctuary you escape to every day. This is Istana Lovina.

        Available amenities that make life more pleasant for all.

        • Pavilion
        • Entrance gate, guard house and perimeter fencing
        • Landscpad properties
        • Dipping Pool
        • Gazebo
        • Wide concrete roads and sidewalks
        • Interconnected water distribution system
        • Overhead power distribution lines
        • Underground drainage system

        Tierra Verde

        Located in Brgy. Bagong Pook, Pila Laguna.
        A home away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life yet close enough the the Metro to enjoy ease of access whenever required. Situated only a few hours from the center of Manila. Enjoy your peaceful haven seemingly miles from the nearest city, however, it is much closer than you think. Enjoy the peace and tranquility while keeping in touch with what’s hop and happening in the city.

        The amenities are an added bonus that make this community development one that screams “Home!”

        • Pavilion
        • Grand entrance gate, guard house and perimeter fence
        • Landscaped grounds
        • Wide open recreational areas
        • Basketball court
        • Wide concrete roads and sidewalks
        • Underground drainage system
        • Overhead power distribution lines
        • Interconnected water distribution system

        Calmarland Quezon

        Find the home that suits your lifestyle. Experience Lucena, Tayabas and Lucban, explore and enjoy.


        Located in Brgy. Mayhay, Pagbilao, Quezon.
        American inspiration is vividly evident in these homes. Secure, comfortable and serence surroundings abound. Manicured gardens and parks and open spaces provide so much place for you to enjoy the outdoors with your family or quiet your mind at the end of a long day. Small town charm meets modern living. Convenience is part of the planning. Everything you need right on your doorstep.

        Amenities make Brentwood the perfect home for your family. Be greeted by the architectural brilliance of the awe-inspiring pavilion as you enter the development. Top-notch security is enforced by the presence of guards at the gate house 24 hours a day. Security is further enhanced by the perimeter fence that keeps you safely tucked away inside. Wide concrete roads and sidewalks allow for easy navigation whether by car or on foot. The drainage, electrical and water distribution system is ahead of its time and the perfect solution for a private community of this nature.

        Calmar Land Housr and Lot Prices

        Calmar Homes

        Located in Brgy.Kanlurang Mayao,Lucena City.
        This was the pioneer development of Calmar Land Developments. Simple homes finished off with quality. The facilities available provide all you need right on your doorstep. This lively community is no a bustling, thriving town on its own. Shops and recreational centers abound, leaving you with little time to sit and twiddle your thumbs. The pleasant, homey atmosphere is perfect for family living.

        This is really a family orientated development. The amenities are geared towards quality family time spent together. A clubhouse is available for gatherings with your family or spending a day in with your friends. This tight-knit community will allow you to develop friendships that will span a lifetime. Open recreational spaces allow for outdoor freeplay fun, a basketball court provides a place for you to let of steam or get some much needed exercise. Summer days can be spent lazing about by the swimming pool, soaking up that Vitamin E. For the little ones, the children’s play area is there for their pure delight. Unwind along the jogging path, clear you mind and be prepared for the day ahead, or release the stress of the day completed. Your family is protected by the perimeter fence and the manned guard house. Sleep peacefully knowing that your family is in safe hands.

        Calmar Homes North

        Located in Brgy.Kanlurang Mayao,Lucena City.
        A quiet community, perfect for raising your family. Find your dream home where you least expect it. The development, although provides you with your own personal sanctuary away from the bustle of city life, is close to schools, hospitals, malls and other amenities that every family needs on a daily basis. The humdrum of the city is only 10 minutes away, allowing you to stay in the loop of what’s hot and happening whenever the desire takes you.

        The amenities provided in this community are an attraction on their own. A gorgeous pavilion welcomes you home. Security it watertight and kept under control by the guard house at the main entrance to the development. Wide open spaces are available for you to enjoy some outdoor fun with your family or relax in the fresh air. A basketball court is readily available to use. Get that much needed exercise and enjoy a bit of healthy competition with your friends or family members. Jogging is a recreational activity that is both for fitness and for easing the mind. Enjoy your morning meander along the jogging paths provided. The development is surrounded by a perimeter fence, keeping the unwanted out. Calmar Land has really spared no cost with the drainage, water and electrical systems that power the facility. A community all on its own.

        At Calmar Land they have the true happiness and well-being of the Filipino community at heart. They understand the intense need to provide for your family and the importance you place on the safety and security you provide for them. The community developments are aimed to provide safe homes, an escape from the mad city life and freedom to enjoy the outdoor pleasures on offer. This doesn’t mean you are completely cut-off from civilization at all. The developments are such that you feel isolated but can rest in the knowledge that everything you may need is close by and easily accessible if it isn’t within the community fence.

        Calmar Land values customer relationships and build each and every one. To them you are not just another sale, you are a friend for life. They don’t leave you in the lurch once the deal is done. That is one thing that really stands out. After-services provided are phenomenal.

        Calmar Land listens to their clients. They take extra care to listen to the needs of each and every one. Whether you have a compliment or complaint, they want to hear about it. That is the only way to better provide you with a service that you deserve. Customer satisfaction is the most important part of their work and they take great pride in providing just that.